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Did you know that the medical technology industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in engineering? This growth signifies a unique opportunity for the next generation of Biomedical Engineers. What does this mean to you? 

If you are an engineer or technician working in hospitals, clinical laboratories, medical equipment manufacturing or research centres, to name a few, then it would benefit you to enquire about the accredited 
Advanced Diploma of Biomedical Engineering

The program is composed of 18 modules including:

  1. Printed Circuit Board Design
  2. C++ Programming
  3. Biomechanics and Assistive Technology
  4. Anatomy and Physiology for Engineering
  5. Biomedical Image Processingatics and Telemedicine
  6. Power Electronics and Power Supplies
  7. Medical Informatics and Telemedicine

Full course structure here -

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If you have any questions please call me or your local office or reply to this message. If you would like an enrollment form for a particular program we can email it to you – just ask.

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Just who is a typical EIT student?
You probably know that EIT's programs are designed for students who have prior career experience in their chosen subject or a relevant qualification - or both.  The programs assume a level of prior knowledge.  Therefore when you join a class you are amongst experienced peers with a similar background who are mature-aged and seriously committed to their studies.  This creates a positive and motivational atmosphere.  Every program is designed so that a working person (with the right techniques and attitude) can manage the study load.

The very positive consequence of this is that it helps to ensure EIT's method works. We expect that that new and potential students may feel a little nervous about joining an EIT online program.  Rest assured, the great majority of students who start their studies with EIT do finish!

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